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Safer, more frequent K9 training in realistic situations

K9 NESTT materials contain actual explosives in a non-explosive state.

DOT certified non-hazardous material

Solves contamination, storage, transporting and handling problems associated with volatile explosives


Our K9 training aids are safe, convenient and easy to use alternatives for canine and trace explosive detection training. Preparation and packaging are designed to minimize potential adverse effects caused by contamination.

Studies have shown that an explosive’s chemical grouping and inherent instability is key to detection by dogs. We offer K9-NESTT in four groups that cover the range of explosives:

n/TNT represents nitro compounds
n/RDX represents nitramines
n/PETN represents nitrate esters
n/KNO3-n/KClO3 represent the nitrate and chlorate acid salts used in gun powders and other energetic materials.

Two convenient delivery methods are available; coated silica and petrolatum suspension. Coated Silica NESTT is made by coating fused silica with real TNT, RDX, PETN, Potassium Nitrate or Potassium Chlorate. Petrolatum Suspension NESTT is made by dispersing the same agents in a light wax base.

Each has its own advantages. Coated Silica NESTT, minimizes secondary odors and is impervious to extreme environmental temperatures. Petrolatum Suspension NESTT is non-dusting and will adhere to virtually any surface, adding convenience and making it easier to improvise training configurations. Bulk items are packaged in metal cans. All other training aids are packaged in foil lined ziplock bags which function as individual storage magazines, minimizing cross-contamination.