XM NESTT K9 Training Aids

What it’s made of

XM NESTT (Non-hazardous Explosive for Security Training and Testing) provides the K-9 with the scent of pure explosive through two delivery methods, coated silica and petrolatum suspension. In both systems, pure explosive is used at the following percentages by weight:

TNT 8%
RDX 8%
Potassium Nitrate 8%
Potassium Chlorate 8%

At these levels, the explosive content has been certified non-explosive by the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) for the purpose of transportation. The remainder of these formulas is made entirely of either pure silica or USP grade petrolatum (Vaseline).

Great care is taken in the manufacture and packaging of these material not to impart additional odors and avoid cross-contamination. Explosive types are stored separately prior to compounding. Tools for each NESTT formula are dedicated for sole use with that explosive type only. Powderless polypropylene gloves are used by personnel during product assembly to avoid product contamination. Assembly areas are segregated by explosive type.