X-ray NESTT is being used extensively in airports

X-ray machines see more than shapes, they also alert on the density and "Z" of an object.

XM makes test products that match density, "Z" and physical state of explosive threats.

X-ray NESTT products safely simulate actual threat explosives. Non-hazardous and non-toxic, they are designed to mimic types of explosives that encompass the broad spectrum of possible threats such as Semtex and Comp C-4 plastic explosives, gun powders, TNT, Comp B, Tritonal, dynamite, and commercial explosives.

Developed in conjunction with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, XM brand X-ray NESTT materials not only feel like actual explosives, but also match many of the X-ray transmission characteristics of actual explosives detected by the latest generation of computed tomography X-ray scanning equipment.

In realistic training situations, these safe simulants allow for frequent testing of human factors without the danger, inconvenience, or public disruption caused by using actual explosives. Calibration and monitoring are safely conducted without area contamination.

Our X-ray NESTT products are available in look-alike packaging, test kits, bulk and cast forms.